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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


*this is why the US will be leading us out of this financial crisis. When countries abroad stop fingerpointing and blaming the US for their financial woes and realize that our global counterparties wanted exactly the same thing we did, GREED, thats when the rest of the world will come on board.

European finance ministers reject U.S. calls for more aid
European finance ministers, meeting in Brussels, said they do not plan to increase their fiscal-stimulus programs because they want to see whether the original packages work. U.S. officials urged other governments to add to their stimulus packages. "We are not debating any additional measures," said Peer Steinbruck, Germany's finance minister. Financial Times (09 Mar.)

Germany cool to U.S.-style spending for crisis
Germany is skeptical of U.S.-backed proposals to boost the world economy by increasing spending. German prosperity in recent decades, based on building manufacturing companies and profitable exports, is quite different from the path the U.S. followed. Plus, Germany has been suspicious of financial capitalism for some time. International Herald Tribune (09 Mar.)

Analysis: G-20 officials divided over next step
When the Group of 20 leaders met in November, there was a sense that they had decided it was time for a new era of global financial regulation. As the leaders prepare to meet again, they appear divided over the best way to bolster the global economy. While some are committed to overhauling the regulatory structure, others said stimulating their economies is the most pressing challenge. International Herald Tribune (10 Mar.) , Telegraph (London) (10 Mar.)

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