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Trading Now

Monday, March 2, 2009

Heres an idiot for you. No, really. This trader doesn't know anything about a thing called, "SPECULATION"

Squandered opportunities?
Commentary: Smart traders know oil's retreat is temporary
By Kevin Kerr, Global Commodities Alert
March 2, 2009(MarketWatch) -- Human beings are a predictable bunch and we tend to wait until things get to a painful crisis mode before taking drastic action.
My question is why does it always have to get to that point?
Take the most recent run-up of oil prices, when crude hit $147 a barrel and gasoline was trading around $5.
As prices reached nosebleed levels, the general public was in a great deal of pain and they acted accordingly. There was an outcry for more alternatives, more refineries, conservation, infrastructure investment etc. Everything from clean-coal technology to nuclear was on the table.

Fast forward to today, with crude prices at around $38 and gas back below $2, and it's a very different picture. No pain means no gain in solving the problem.
Let me be clear, though. That problem hasn't gone anywhere.
$300 crude not far off. more...

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