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Thursday, March 5, 2009

This just made me laugh.


Seriously, Do Not Mess with Suze Orman
After James Scurlock savaged financial guru Suze Orman on The Big Money, Felix Salmon, rushing to her defense, enumerated the reasons to go easy on her: Orman's advice is generally pretty sensible, she knows how to get through to her intended audience, and so on.

Here's another reason: because Orman evidently has a little KGB in her and she's not afraid to go after you. In a profile in the new issue of Time, Sheelah Kolhatkar asks Orman how she responds to critics like Scurlock. The answer:

Obviously, when I want to, I do investigations into the people to find out, What does their economic situation look like? One person who did this in the past -- he has such severe debt, owns a home that was, like, $100,000, fights with his wife all the time, drives a junker of a car, doesn't have a pot to pee in. It just validated the fact that when people are so vindictive and they're really trying to slam you, it's because they're so desperate -- they're trying to do anything to get noticed.
Man, don't you just hate those vindictive people?

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