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Trading Now

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Disconnect of the Stock Market

Just an example to show you how screwed up this market and CNBC and analysts are.
Harley Davidson (HOG) reported earnings that were by analysts standards "better than forecasted," it beat estimates by a penny (pathetic). The stock ran up from $15 to $23 something.
The reality is that the company reported profits of $19M from $222M a year ago.
So you tell me, still think the market isn't rigged against you? The fools that chased it from $20 to $23 have already lost money (21.82). The Short players, who know how to read a balance sheet, will likely SHORT this stock all the way down to $3. It may take awhile, but it will get there. This market rally has been nothing but a TRAP for the unwary. The volume goes down while the market goes up. This is when the market makers get the most greedy fools to buy at an artificially high price. The reason: GS has a black box that does HFT (high frequency trading). Rick Santelli on CNBC today said as much when he said he didn't believe sideline money was running to equities, it was 70% HFT. And since GS purchases make up 75% of the NYSE' sales, then guess who's not coming to your house for dinner.

The market is overbought and will fail, it's just a matter of when. So buy and hold at your own risk. You'd better get used to this new Stock Market people.

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