Trading Now

Trading Now

Thursday, August 27, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Jobless claims fall along with GDP and Futures go up up and away.....

*I love charts. They give perspective.

U.S. GDP fell at a 1% rate in the second quarter. (but LESS than forecast) **big surprise

Jobless claims fell 10,000 in latest week to 570,000. *gee only another 570,000.

BDI falls back again but only slightly -2 to 2425 *means little shipping of commodities

Oil also declines on low demand to $71 *you think?

Toll Brothers has blown through $472m but sees optimism. *am I missing something? Oh right, pie in the sky economists and goldie locks economy media punditry have declared the recession over. Don't you worry Joe the plumber, suzy homemaker and Bob the builder, you don't NEED a job in this lifetime!

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