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Thursday, August 6, 2009

USPS is Bankrupt too

"losses are getting bigger but prices are going up"
sounds familiar...let's see, where have I heard that before?
Oh yeah, the stock market. Banks have big losses, job losses keep rising, tax revenues are off, YET THE STOCK MARKET KEEPS GOING UP UP AND AWAY.......

This ijiot on CNBC said .44 to mail a letter from California to Maine was a bargain. Sounds like a washington bureacrat right? NOT! Some ijiot pundit on CNBC.

So the United States Postal Service is loaded with losses. Talks of cutting employees (already let go 10,000 workers earlier in the year). Cutting Saturday delivery (Okay with me, only bills coming anyway so a reprieve on Sats would be nice and not to mention, when I am sitting on my porch I don't have to see the postal carrier on her cell phone delivering me someone else's mail because she isn't paying attention). Going private (sounds good, they privatized NJ motor vehicle and now I am in and out in a hour). But raising stamp price? NO WAY JOSE. Then it will be internet payments across the board for me. This only hurts poor people ijiots. Just like MTA raising their subway fares. How about cut spending!

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