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Trading Now

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ECONOMIC Indicators are not jiving with Stock Market Predictions to Skyville's the Limit: and its still THE ECONOMY STUPID

*Durable Goods were off more than expected and that was unexpected. What do they do to the stock market? They push it higher on low volume so as to SQUEEZE the shorts into submission cause they will be damned if you naysayers try and steal their 2009 bonus's, not that it matters that they are stealing your money first. One hand does not get to see what the other foot is doing.

*another down day for cargo transporting prices. 2010 will be the year of the Maersk bankruptcy at this rate, not to mention countless others who jumped on the nothing is too high band wagon. But I on the other hand am optimistic that these gangsters will all be put in their place when DEFLATION reigns supreme. How about a 40 year mortgage refi? Then you could afford the payments on that house that wasn't worth bupkiss in the first place. How stupid we all are to expect that "of course house prices will continue to rise", Wall Street and Helicopter Ben will make it so!
Baltic Dry Index (BDI) -7 2185

*fat chance in hedoubletwosticks for that to happen.
US Economy Needs Second Stimulus:
Wilbur Ross The US economy needs another cash infusion to take off, as the first stimulus package was insufficient to help the US consumer start spending, investor Wilbur Ross told CNBC Tuesday.


*this is what it could look like come 2010. A 3Q rally past 10,000 is highly likely with all the rigging regardless of 9.7% unemployment and piggy banks cracked and pennies saved. But 4Q will be tough and 2010 will be even tougher. Like I said last night, Obama had better wake up and smell the proverbial coffee cause its still: THE ECONOMY STUPID!

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