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Trading Now

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Requiem for a Dream: Is the Stock Market Real Daddy?

*hah, absolutely not. The minions of hucksters both on and off the Congressional floor and into the TV Land of CNBC with the like sof Cramer, Kudlow and friends, have been sucking the life out of the stock market jeanie in the bottle of P/E ratios and cost cuttings and sales are down but less tha worse propaganda not seen since Adolph traversed the atmosphere of global transgression transgressor or's. American consumers, business' and worldwide peasants have so much debt that a typhoon couldn't make a dent. With bankruptcy laws that help the rich and business whats a consumer to do? One woman suggests just stop paying your credit cards. Maybe the stock market can help you out. Not likely. If you look at calculatedrisk's chart below on actual wealth you will see the correlation between more and more americans investing in the stock market and the subsequent rise and fall of your wealth or lack thereof. You would have been better off keeping it under the mattress. So loss of wealth and increase of debt gets you??? Absolutely nothing. A dream of the rest of your life.

Who and in what world do these IJIOTS think is going to continue this MOMENTOUS climb from the jaws of hell of March 9th to the oblivion of sorry we can't save your 401K pensions cause we are bankrupt reads the voicemail message at the PBGC. Does no one look at a chart? How about the sea off of Malaysia where all of those GIANT got no money all I got is foodstamps cargo non carrying ships in Ghost Harbor?

I mean, when the hell am I going to wake up? Well, considering in 2007 Bear Stearns hedge funds collapse started the beginning of the proverbial end and the end took another full year to come, I won't be counting my chickens before they hatch. 10,000 here we come, but then what? A WET DREAM to, remember Woody Allen's movie: everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask? Need I say More?

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