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Trading Now

Friday, October 2, 2009

CHARTS of the Week from

*anything is possible when you have the government being the market maker in this market. Why can't they just leave Mr. Market to do his job. It would be efficient if Uncle Same stopped trying to control him. Beware, Mr. Market doesn't like being caged up for too long and seeing he's been caged since at least July, I'd say he will unleash that vicious temper with a vengence. Go SHORT. Because you know they will screw it up like they do everything else.

*I wanted to point out the obvious: that this crisis is so similar to 1929 that my head hurts trying to explain the connections to people. But one thing that you need to consider: we do not have the ability to debt our way out of the mess that Greenspan made. In the 1930's we had a war that had destroyed everything around the world and we needed to rebuild. What are they going to do now, start a war with Iran? Nuclear war is vastly different from the conventional wars before the atomic nuclear age, thank you Hiroshima. There are no survivors. I guess thats one way to fix the mess eh? IJIOTS!

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