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Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally, a pubby getting those jackass' to do the right thing: Oh Charlie boy may have to step down

*oh if we could only get Barney to go next. This is the year of OUST INCUMBENTS people. No matter who they are. Congress is ultimately to blame for the Mess That Greenspan Made and the continuing decline of the good ole USA. Vote no to incumbents everywhere across the board this November. That is your god given right and duty to live in the greatest country on the planet.
New York Democrats fret over Rangel impact in 2010 elections
New York Democrats are worried that ethics questions surrounding Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., will weigh on their own re-election bids. While no action is expected by senior House leaders on Rangel, the growing chorus of complaints is "significant." Bill Owens, the Democratic candidate for the western New York seat vacated by Republican John McHugh, has all but endorsed a Republican proposal to strip Rangel of his seat as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. The Politico (Washington) (10/19)
N.Y. Dems agitate for Rangel action
Politically vulnerable junior Democrats have been agitating with more senior counterparts to intervene — either with Rangel or with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — in an attempt to ease Rangel out as Ways and Means chairman until the House ethics committee completes its review of the allegations against him, members tell POLITICO.
“The past month it’s escalated,” said one of the lawmakers, noting that Rangel’s restatement of his personal finances in August “put additional pressure on those members” from northern swing districts.
“There’s concern. There’s rumblings,” said another New York member about the dean of the state delegation. “Is it palpable? No. But there is talk.”
Several members of the delegation said Democratic Reps. Eric Massa and Michael Arcuri, both elected by the barest of margins, have been the most rattled.
A top House Democrat said the complaints don’t pose an immediate threat to the Ways and Means chairman but “are significant” because they reflect growing impatience among Democrats from all over the country disgusted with the slow pace of the yearlong Rangel investigation.
A major crack in the pro-Rangel facade appeared last week when Bill Owens, the Democratic candidate for the western New York seat vacated by Republican John McHugh, essentially endorsed a GOP effort to strip Rangel of his committee post.

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  1. Here is the 3 Step "stool" for Americans to step up on in 2010: 1.TERM LIMITS: none can be fully trusted, so all must be limited, BY LAW. 2. BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT: again, see explanation above and 3. FAIR TAX: eliminates the IRS (huge savings & overall consumer relief); plus, captures tax from everyone & everything (illegals, rich poor)-& it is truly the onlt equitable & simplest way (ie the FAIR part). I agree wholeheartedly- 2010 is the beginning of our BIG CHANCE to fix out country. The only thing that scares the idiots in DC is our vote- time for us to exercise our rights as Americans.



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