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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama Needs to Keep His Eye on the Vision of: Its the Economy STUPID and Start Putting People Back to Work!

*the latest Case Shiller numbers of rising Home Sale Prices are from AUGUST ijiots. Its October. And now the real estate season will start its fall winter decline. Couple that with the removal of the housing tax credit and the numbers in the Spring will be abysmal. Well, what do you think these ijiots will do to fix the potential disaster? They are touting a Value Added Tax. HOW ABOUT TOUTING SPENDING CUTS! What good is a tax credit for a house that you must now know, still isn't worth what the propped up price is today anymore than a barrel of oil should be worth more than $15 per barrel. Until these economic morons get real with what has happened by their sheer incompetence of allowijg free money to rein supreme in the forms of housing bubbles, commodity bubbles and now stock market free come to my window and get money for a song bubble, we will NEVER recover. The Kuwaiti legislature wants the central government to wipe out all of their citizens consumer debt. I have been screaming and ranting for well over a year now that the US and the rest of the world MUST do the exact same thing. If you allow banks to not have to put losses on their balance sheet by suspending mark to market accounting rules, then allowing consumers the exact same courtesy is not only morally correct, but makes economic sense. We need to be allowed to start over. I received another letter from another creditor informing me that they are raising my interest rate. My solution? Never buy anything except food again. And I LOVE peanut butter and jelly. It helped put me through law school and it again can help me get through the year of no job. And just to show you how the cash for clunkers and the housing tax credit and the stimulus package and the bank bailout have helped our economy, I wanted to share a story with you that I am finding increasingly alarming as I retell it to anyone so inclined to be in close proximity with this here mad hatter today.
My youngest brother, who has been part of the teamsters union for almost 20 years, has been laid off more than not in this year and stupidly, I'll admit, got himself into a Pick A Payment Option mortgage with the now defunct World Bank now owned by Wells Fargo, and has not been able to make a mortgage payment for a few months. But not to worry. He decided in his mad hatterring relapse into his self induced coma, to buy himself a BRAND NEW F250 FORD PICK UP TRUCK. The price tag? A mere $55,000 with a monthly payment of around $765. So you tell me, how does a guy with no job, behind on his mortgage, a wife ready to file for divorce over this last straw, get himself not only a loan, but a loan for a truck that maybe should cost all of $25,000at best? Because the Obama administration, along with their co conspirators, Congress and the Fed, get exactly what Bush got: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
So rather than trying to make some BS reform called Healthcare in a box, and not for nothing, but if you aren't going to give me the same plan that I pay for all of them to have, then you can shove it up your *&^%$, or the relentless pursuit of Fox news as the not so newsworthy what do I care have you forgotten the First Amendment Mr. Constitutional law professor it does actually mean everything to the united states don't you get it we all voted for you Mr. Golden Boy? How about stopping the rhetoric and the profligate spending frenzy into the proverbial toilet bowl where a $T is the new $B, and figure out a way to put the citizens in this country back to work instead of protecting the Wall Street Congress titans from DEFLATIONARY despair which is where they belong since they convinced all of us that this was good according to economist ijiots thank you very much, no thanks! If you don't like Fox news, and I am certainly not a watcher, and thats me practicing my constitutionally god given right to be born a US citizen thank you very much right to CHANGE the channel. Stop using this as a smoke screen for your whats becoming more and more apparent to alot of us out here who voted for you because we thought well maybe he can get it more right than those pubby ijiots and since I couldn't have Hillary I will reluctantly support the Law Professor with as much experience and the same age as myself, that maybe you are clueless afterall.
Now I know that someone who gets into Harvard Law School and not on affirmative action (he stated he was white) and makes editor in chief of the law review is the smartest guy in the room. However, a politician, and you are a politician, must recognize that there is more to governing my great country than meets the professors eye. Unfortunately, with all of his brains, he has decided to surround himself with those responsible for getting us into this predicament in the first place. My advice? You must know by now that you chances of a second term are becoming slim to none, what with Iraq and Afghansitan and the present state of the ever declining state of our economy. So take the stance that we are all yearning for: Tell Congress NO, we're not gonna take it anymore, and let it all crash so we can do what we as a nation do best: Come together as hands across america and REBUILD REBUILD REBUILD.
Have a nice day - Tradebum

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