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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Insider Trading Has Been on the Rise: Buffett and Toll are the Biggest Beneficiaries

*there are two things of note here for me. One is that Big Ole Bob has been touting for months about how the housing market has been turning around, especially with all the government largesse thrown at the likes of builders (Toll Brothers), and how his company has been weathering the storm with more success than other builders. Yet the ENTIRE time, he has been selling off his stock holdings in ever increasing numbers. One example is that I was watching him on Squawk Box in the morning giving an interview about how everything is la te da, and then in the afternoon he is selling the company's stock. You know who is selling ETrades stock? No one. So you do the math. Scheisters come in all shapes and sizes. CEO's are usually the worst!

It seems like yesterday that Bob Toll was propounding the benefits of stimulus packages for housing and the ever improving status of new home sales (solidly grounded in the same sands as Dubai is now sinking into). Yet while we at Zero Hedge have enjoyed taking repeated stabs at Mr. Toll's seemingly endless selling of his own stock, we have not learned our lesson. Which is why we present his insider transaction in a new and original way, courtesy of Bloomberg. As the image indicates, Mr. Toll's money is roughly 180 degrees from where his mouth is.
Yet Bob is an amateur when compared to such prominent patriots as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, both of which have repeatedly stated their support for the good ole' US of A. Indicatively, we present the most recent transactions by both Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett in BRK/B shares. This insider trading pattern is comparable for most other holdings of these two truly patriotic gentlemen.
Mr Buffett:

*the second thing to consider here is whether Warren has lost his investing touch. Just look at when he started to get his SELL signals, when it was too late in most instances. Buffett has bought huge stakes in WFC, HOG, GE and GS. If I were a gambling girl, and I am, I would SELL SELL SELL. And most of Warren's trading is done under the guise of Dark Pools. Something small retail investors like you and I never get to see until after the fact. -Tradebum

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