Trading Now

Trading Now

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

David Rosenberg Has a Chart That Compares 1982 and Why We Are Not in a Secular Bull Market


If you would like more info on Rosie just go to:
Gluskin & Sheff

*I think that low interest rates and no lending have forced investors (banks, hedge funds, and the likes of Warren Buffett, to plow free cash into commodities and equities at the behest of the federal reserve if only because we all know that the fed has been either buying themselves or giving cash to their friends, to buy up cash futures everytime Mr. Market wants to have a cascade of selling. But caveat emptor people, the day will come when they will need to SHORT this market just like they did in May and October of 2007 while you were left holding the bag in your now 201Ks and various mutual funds. If you think it isn't all rigged against you then after all this time you really are an IJIOT and deserve what you get. One just needs to take a gander at the chart below to see that you haven't made any money in more than a decade.
And PS: analysts and advisors are now saying you will need a 15 year performance record horizon in the future. Thats the most ridiculous and irresponsible ass covering I have heard since Greedy Greenspan said "I never thought bankers would risk their own banks!" - Tradebum

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