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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Medical Marijuana Bill

*they can't pass gay marriage but they can legalize medicinal marijuana? Go figure. Actually I think its great that we are the 14th state in the union to thumb our noses at that smugnacious supreme court jusitice, Antonin Scalia, who in the past has argued that cancer survivors, who suffer greatly and have gotten relief only from medical marijuana use, should suck it up buttercup, the law is the law. Anyone hope he suffers greatly? Come on, raise those hands...
Not to mention: Tax revenue baby! For those state coffers who can't even sell a bond to save their miserable deficit laden selves. Imagine the state budget next year when its posted that NJ is in the black for the first time in states history. Don't believe me? How bout BILLIONS spent on drugs every year in this country. Taxing that is a porkers dream and like any good politician, New Jersey's love pork. And of course Corzine, who is leaving and good riddance by the way, is giving the new PORKER, that pubby Christie, political cover by signing the bill into law so Christie can say to all those other pubby I can stand the pain bootstrappers, I was agin it (but not really cuz my mother has cancer and now she can tote up).
The measure, expected to be signed by the governor by next Tuesday, would make the state the region’s first to legalize medical marijuana.
TRENTON — The New Jersey Legislature approved a measure on Monday that would make the state the 14th in the nation, but one of the few on the East Coast, to legalize the use of marijuana to help patients with chronic illnesses.

The measure — which would allow patients diagnosed with severe illnesses like cancer, AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis to have access to marijuana grown and distributed through state-monitored dispensaries —was passed by the General Assembly and State Senate on the final day of the legislative session.
Gov. Jon S. Corzine has said he would sign it into law before leaving office next Tuesday. Supporters said that within nine months, patients with a prescription for marijuana from their doctors should be able to obtain it at one of six locations.
“It’s nice to finally see a day when democracy helps heal people,” said Charles Kwiatkowski, 38, one of dozens of patients who rallied at the State House before the vote and broke into applause when the lawmakers approved the measure.
Mr. Kwiatkowski, of Hazlet, N.J., who has multiple sclerosis, said his doctors have recommended marijuana to treat neuralgia, which causes him to lose the feeling and the use of his right arm and shoulders. “The M.S. Society has shown that this drug will help slow the progression of my disease. Why would I want to use anything else?”
The bill’s approval, which comes after years of lobbying by patients’ rights groups and advocates of less restrictive drug laws, was nearly derailed at the 11th hour as some Democratic lawmakers wavered and Governor-elect Christopher J. Christie, a Republican, went to the State House and expressed reservations about it.

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