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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pubby Scott Brown Takes Dead Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat

*It isn't any surprise to me at all why a relative unknown was able to garnish a huge win for a seat held by a democratic Icon like Teddy Kennedy. Let's break it down a little shall we?
First, the fact that Scott Brown was an unknown politician. Why would you want the same ole same ole when the same ole has gotten us all into this mess in the first place. Barney Frank should sit up and take notice.

Second, if anyone is to blame besides Martha Coakley herself, and let's face it, talk about not an ounce of charisma let alone a plan of ideas (Ted's replacment indeed!), it's Massachusetts Governor Duval Patricks fault. He was the jerk who had the power to appoint Ted's replacement and chose to forgo that power by creating a special election. He is worried and rightly so for his own reelection prospects which are dismal by the way because he is dismal.

Third, worrying that Obamas and the democratic healthcare plan is imperil is just making this old democrat giddy. Obamas healthcare plan not only sucks but was the second biggest mistake thus far in his term as President (the first being Geithner, Summers and Bernanke as his economic titan team. Hair of the dog that bit you is not the CHANGE WE CAN that we all envisioned when we voted for you man). What I want, what I insist on, is the SAME DAMN HEALTHCARE THAT ALL THESE HIGH PRICED BLOWHARDS, JACKASS' AND PUBBYS ALIKE GET AT MY EXPENSE! Until I get the same benefits that they all get, until they make me part of the federal plan,I will NEVER support a democratic plan, not even if Jesus himself said so! Fix the damn economy first and get a proper jobs bill to Congress instead of some half assed too costly doesn't give me shit healthcare bill while the rest of you continue to suck me dry Mr. President! This bullshit about well any bill is better than no bill is just that, bull. No child left behind is ruining our education system. Do you know how difficult it is to change parts of that bill? It takes a decade. I don't want to wait a decade to get the plan I deserve in the first place, complete coverage for what ails me and I am willing to pay for it. We are all willing to pay for it. Maybe Brown will help make that happen.

Fourth, this has very little to do with democrats and more to do with voter anger and outrage over their ignorance about what is going on in the world. How quick voters forget the eight year trouncing our economy has taken with fighting two wars (and OSAMA BIN LADEN STILL AT LARGE) with the biggest deficits EVER, and a deregulation (and democrats helped pubbys with that agenda make no mistake about it. Do you all forget who was the majority party when Reagan was president when all this deregulation started its precipitous momentum to the upside? HELLO???) of Wall Street and the entire banking system which has cost voters their jobs and ruined my country economically. No job means vote against any incumbent.

The lesson in all of this is: Ted Kennedy served for over 40 years. That is way too long. Representatives were supposed to allow all citizens to participate in the political process. A shake up is needed all across the board. Democrats need new ideas and pubbys need to get their fiscal house in order and stop pretending they are the only proper srbiters in protecting us from terrorism. Osama is still out there people. Wake the hell up.
PS: The stock market could care less because it knows either party is all wrong.

Republican Brown Wins Massachusetts Seat in ‘Tsunami’ Election
Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Republican Scott Brown won a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts in a political upset that imperils health-care legislation in Congress and sends a warning to President Barack Obama and Democrats ahead of November’s midterm elections.
The loss yesterday by the once-favored Democratic state Attorney General Martha Coakley for a seat held by the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy for nearly half a century shook the nation’s political dynamics and started a blame game.
“This Senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party,” Brown said at his victory party last night. “This is the people’s seat.” The race came to exemplify the nation’s political divide over health care, taxes and the role of government. It also provided a measure of Obama’s prestige and his party’s momentum heading into this year’s campaign season.
As the incoming senator predicted similar Republican victories this fall, he called for a do-over on the health-care debate.
“We need to start fresh, work together to do the job right,” he said. “We can do better.”
Coakley called for an “honest” assessment of the race’s outcome.
“Anyone who’s been out on the campaign trail, particularly in this race, has seen the anger of folks who are frustrated, concerned,” Coakley said in her concession speech. “They are angry about health-care issues and they’re angry about our two wars, our inability to properly care for those who return home after fighting.”


  1. Well, glad you got that off your chest. Some good points, but I think the election was the result of the dems in he Mass legislature changing the law becuase they thought Kerry was gonna win the presidency and didn't want a Republican governor choosing his replacement. A few other details I might contest, but your over all message is clear, though any healthcare bill in the negotiations going on now really does improve the situation for a lot of uncovered and covered working people, despite other failings.

  2. And any old bill is not the solution. It takes too long to make any positive changes, especially if things improve in our economy. I want the best bill now because this is the only opportunity we will have again. Does anyone remember 1992? Hellooooooooo!

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