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Saturday, July 3, 2010

BP's Oil Spill: Neverending Legacy

*I will admit that I cannot even watch or read anything about this. But I did catch the article in the NYTimes magazine last Sunday about Blue Fin Tuna and the effects this spill will have on its future, or lack there of. My younger brother is a fisherman and told me this morning that the Tuna will be decimated and that the destruction of this ever leaking oil spill is beyond catastrophic. But we all want offshore drilling don't we? And I hear that pubby's are blaming Clinton for BP's failings. Can you imagine this assholes? Bush wants the oversight agency scrapped all together and watersdown their enforcement so much that we end up here and since Pubbys can't stand to look in the mirror, they go to someone else's backyard and start pulling their weeds. Stay in your own yard and pull your own damn weeds. The party of the faithful has completely trashed their God's green earth. Hypocrisy at its best. Gotta love it. And when will Ron Steele resign already? The only reason the stock isn't in the toilet bowl is because market makers are letting their friends get out first by selling it to you ijiots in mutual funds. Its a disgrace.

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