Trading Now

Trading Now

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Jobless claims at record lows. Rate hike cometh. 

Consumer prices fall 0.2%. Deflation equates to QE cometh. These jokers are clueless. INFLATION came and went with the crisis, except for college costs which are inflated because professor dumbass is too fat. That train wreck is fast approaching unless they let us all declare bankruptcy for the university tax write off. A significant drop in wages will keep deflation on the table for a very long time. So get over it.  

API crude inventories were through the rooftops at +9.3mil
Crude inventories out at 11:00am. Could go either way. 

Chicago is bankrupt. Illinois needs to throw in the towel with pensioners. Pensioners don't get it: tax payers and bond holders pay your nut. So stop whining and accept the haircut like the rest of your citizenry. 

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