Trading Now

Trading Now

Friday, October 23, 2015


China announced .25 basis rate cut to stimulate its sleeping dog economy. Have to feed the dog or it will bite you. 
So...Indices went ballistic at 7am. 
Worst is over??
Not according to Russell my brother. If he doesn't get with the program no telling what will happen. Draghis commitment yesterday to increase bond purchases gave markets around the globe a much needed boost. AMZN GOOG had awesome earnings and FB went well above $100 after the close. 
But Russell is not even close to its 200ma. He must get back up to $120 level before I'm convinced. 

Shorted VRX $117.43
Out at $114.43

Long ES at the $64
Out at $70.25 for a nice trade today. 
CL was a little choppy with a narrow range but managed to get $144. 

It is Friday so anything can happen. Use stops. 

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