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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Hillary and Bernie Show

Admittedly, I am casting my vote for Hillary regardless of the debates or anything else. I supported her not Obama, but voted accordingly when push came to the shoving. 
For months I have been surprised at Sanders' resonance with the voters. Until last nights debate, I was beginning to think I'd have to live with Trump. A non politician may not be so bad in the end, but Trump? Come on. 
Flash forward to the democratic debate and my fears have been happily crushed. Bernie was great and his stance on no more emails and Behngazi solidified my hope in the democratic process. 
But Hillary was greater and the only "person" in the nation who can lead us into the next cycle of the unknown of so many fronts. She was clear, concise and commanding on all issues. Her performance should have put the fear back in the pubbys living room. 
If Biden enters the race I will not vote for him. He had his chance when he was caught plagiarizing in college. Hillary is due and deserves democrats undying support for all the crap she has had to endure. She's earned it. 
Bernie is compelling if only because he's unwavering in his commitment to democratically held values at our core. But that's not who will get elected. It didn't elect Obama and it won't elect Bernie. Biden knows this which is why he's trying to weasel in this late in the game. Using his son's death has not gone unnoticed by this compatriot. I share his loss but I do not condone his chicanery with the political winds. Hillary supported the President and Vice President, gaffes and all. It's high time they both support her and ensure that the first black mans ascension is supplanted with another first: the first Madame President and the first First Man of this United States. 

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