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Trading Now

Thursday, June 23, 2016


The votes won't be fully counted for a few more hours but it isn't looking good for remaining. 
I for one am not surprised considering all the mammyjamming yammers claiming it will never happen. There is no shortage of stupid and you can't fix stupid. 

The grand European experiment will soon be dead. Rightfully so if you ask me. Bunch of cut and run phonys. Times are good everybody happy. Crisis hits and everyone heads for the lifeboats. 
Great Britain is the worst offender. Getting concessions to join by not fully joining and then abandoning ship when things go awry and they have to pony up. We Americans know what it's like to be the bold and the brave. We may not do it well but we do it and we usually stay till the bitter end. 
France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Ireland will likely be next with Germany hopping on board now that it's been making nice with Putin again. Bedfellows never tire. 
Somewhere down the road, after the dust settles and the shit really starts to sting, they will all come begging the US to help them. 
Maybe this time we wil tell them to piss off. 

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