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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jackass Convention

The last time we were in Philly, it was Al Gore as nominee. At the time, The New Republic, the intellectual rag that I subscribed to for years (until publisher Martin Peretz claimed Madeline Albright was an anti-Semite), featured an article about how poor Philly was compared to the rest of the country and all under more than 40 years of Democrats in control. As a democrat, I was appalled at the statistics. In the end I voted for Bush. Al Gore was the consummate liar then and I had had enough. I know I know, my bad. At least I voted for Kerry and then wrote myself in during our gubernatorial race with fatty but that's another story. 
Fast forward, 16 years in fact, another democratic convention with Philly mired in scandal after scandal all seemingly involving the power brokering jackasses. This time around I will not be pushed from my democratic mantel, I support Hill all the way. But it's time to do something about the history of greed that belie our party's fundamental value of "we the people". And that my friends can only be done by instituting Term Limits around the country. There are simply no checks and balances when only one party (or in Congress's case: one individual) remains in control for far too long. 
Wake up America. Vote for real Change. 
Give everyone a chance to govern. That is after all what our founding fathers had in mind. No doubt they will be walking among us in Philadelphia this Convention. So stop embarrassing me. 
Bush, Obama and Clinton (God help us all if a Trump) only have two terms. If it's good enough for them then it's good enough for all politicians. 

Vote for Term Limits. 

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