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Monday, October 31, 2016


Americans really have no idea of the thousands of government employees who have used private servers for government business. FOIA disclosures not protected are reason enough. In the world of global technology, any opinion, real or imagined is subject to public view simply because you are a public official beholding to the rule of FOIA law. This begs the question: will republican prosecutors drag thousands kicking and screaming to the grand jury? Of course not. Imagine former pubby Secretary's of State Colin Powell and Condoleesa Rice arrested for their private server use. Yes folks, those two individuals committed the same Clinton sin. Hypocrisy in Washington is nothing new to be sure. But imagining Uncle Donny as our next President is something no email server can hide. 
Give it up folks. The Clintons will continue to step in shit and come up smelling like a rose because only a shrewd stoned face Methodist is tough enough to be President of such an ungrateful hypocritical nation. 

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