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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hamilton the Musical

Is taking a lot of heat for its remarks during the performance last night in NYC. The soon to be VP Mike Pence was in attendance so the cast used the opportunity as a forum to ask that the new administration be thoughtful enough to include "all Americans" in the process. Wow, how horrible of them. So horrible in fact that the soon to be President Trump is demanding an apology. 
Well I say this: 
First, we the people (more than 2 million strong) who won the popular vote, demand that Trump apologize for his inflammatory and discriminatory remarks during the campaign and stop being a cry baby about Friday nights exercise of the 1st Amendment. 

A little history told to me by Jeanne Donohue: theater has always been a place where love and politics can collide. After this election you can be sure that Shakespeare would have already penned his next oration. The venue of the theater was also used as an opportunity to disparage and harass your political enemy by throwing food substances and furniture, or demanding a step outside for a duel to the death. 
All fodder aside, with some boos at his arrival and a serious request by the cast to be inclusive as our founding fathers ever so eloquently, expressly granted in the framing of our constitution, Pence got off easy and Trump should shut the fuck up. 

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