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Thursday, August 20, 2009

House Ways and Means Committee on Healthcare Bill

It's Official: I have declared myself a LIBERTARIAN
*I am a subscriber to JK Lasser's monthly tax newsletter. It's well worth the $38. They send you a yearly Income Tax Book, a $20 value as part of your subscription. I received August's letter this afternoon and felt compelled to spout my sheer hostility with donkey freeloaders and their ride em high pony boy, Obama.

The letter has been so kind to summarize the 1000 pg bill from the House Ways and Means Committee on Healthcare. Obama has been smart to send these blowhard pig swallowers out to take the arrows and indeed arrows and pitchforks is what they have been getting, just look at any town hall meeting of late. And for those of you conspiracy theorists out there who think these meetings have been stacked with pubby naysayers, I say you have not been paying attention to american outrage and you certainly haven't been listening to me. So here are some tidbits from the measure which will be debated in full after the August recess:

1) Individual Mandate: you must get healthcare (MA has this and it's not working there either). If you don't you will be subject to a fine/penalty of 2.5% of your AGI.
*Who cares about paying a penalty when you don't even have a job. But even if I did, I still couldn't afford to buy it so they can take my penalty and shove it up their ass, see if I care.

2) Surtax on the rich: oh this is a viable solution. Couples making >$350,000 pay surcharge of 1.5%, and both will likely go up cause we all know donkeys AND pubby's can't cut spending (they wouldn't get elected).
*this is on top of the 39% income tax you will be paying soon. Well maybe we should just do away with millionaires altogether.

3) Employer mandate: cover employees or pay payroll tax penalty of 2% give or take the income stream.
*another great idea. Employers just won't hire anybody you ijiots. Oh wait, the government will hire you AND pay for your benefits, cause they will be the only employer after all is said and done and I move my business to China.

4) Small business tax credit: no more than 10 employees w/low wages not more than $20,000 get a 50% tax credit for premiums.
*this was my favorite idea. Imagine, if you are hiring low wage earners then you can bet your ffing ass morons that you can't afford to make the healthcare premiums. God I hate these aholes.

So lets hope that the town hall meetings send a message to these ijiots: term limits, balanced budget amendment and pay cuts for any of you blowhards who think "well I could be making more in the private sector"!

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