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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dow Jones with its Ups and Downs

*Here is an interesting look back to the Dow Jones when the world was coming to an end. Ah, if only I had had a $1m to invest back in March....

and from

*So what I expect for the next few weeks is that these jokers can't wait to reach the temple mount of 10,000 on the Dow. They think that pyschologically, this will get all that sidelined cash to come rushing back into the water because we plugged up the boat holes with silly putty then painted it gray so's you wouldn't notice and only have one life preserver for every 4th person. But don't worry cause Helicopter Ben will be tooling around the countryside making sure that our tax paying dollars are hard at work, helping to get those banks back on that risk gravy train so's they can lend to you all uncreditworthy ijiots, cause thats the american way don ya know?
But here's the real poop: all that $ thats on the sidelines? It doesn't exist. It was and still is, being used to pay the mortgage on the house thats underwater and the car thats sitting with no gas in it cause it ain't going nowheres anyway since we done lost our there job and the only employer for 30 miles is The Dollar Store and I hear that there are 6 people that show uo for each job posting. So Obama better wake up and start smelling the freexe dried casuse guess what? ITS STILL THE ECONOMY STUPID! And people need a good paying job. Not a job that is paying 1980 wages in inflation ratcheted The mess that Greenspan mades world of keep those prices stabilizes. God, who gave these guys a degree anyway? My dog could have done a better job. He would just bite you when he wanted to eat.
So the long and short of it is: Still aint got no job, and aint got no money, all I got is food stamps and at this rate pretty soon the government won't even have cheese (hey, who stole my cheese)?


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