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Trading Now

Monday, September 28, 2009

Shipments of Cargo Have Fallen Off a Cliff and are on a bridge to nowhere

*The Baltic Dry Index has been steadily falling off a cliff since its peak of over $225,000 last year. The rise in the stock market and the collapse of shipping should give you all great pause. But it won't. Ijiots will rush in only to wake up one morning wondering what just happened to my portfolio. People don't realize that effects take time. If you had gotten out of the stock market in June of 2007, like I told you to, yes you wouldn't have gotten all the upside to 14,000, but you would not have lost all of your precious upside on the way down. If I knew when the absolute top was I'd be laying in my hammock on the beaches of Costa Rica, not slaving all day trying to educate you suckers on the difference between being an ijiot or a Trader. (HT Brian)

*just imagine that a year ago, if you wanted to ship a container full of toys from say Hong Kong to the US, it would have cost you roughly $230,000 per day. At it's low it dropped down to around $600. Lately it has been hovering $2200, that doesn't even cover the cost of fuel. So what exactly does this mean?
It means that we have a worldwide glut of cargo container moving vessels with no cargo to move. Maybe someone should tell Ben to get his Helicopter ready, cause he's gonna need it to take him to some secluded island where no one can beat his brains in when they realize just what he's done to their economy with his green shoots and all that jazz....Go here for the Sea of Ghost Ships

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