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Friday, April 30, 2010

Obama and In His Dreams

*so I have been busy learning new tricks and trades and have been unable to write, but I may be back so here is my first post.
Since Obama is right now giving us a bullshit GDP growth number and how the economy has turned around yaddee yaddee yuk yuk, I thought I would add my 2 cents and put up some charts.
GDP at better than 3% from -6% YOY is ONLY DUE TO TAXPAYER GOVERNMENT SPENDING. Not something to write home about. But lets take a closer look at Japan, since we are heading in there direction with no american consumer led housing market (due to overblown inventories mine as well get out that bulldozer baby!). You can poo poo it all you like and convince yourself that Obama has done a fantastic job on keeping a lid on things like: our financial system from collapsing into a Depression, but go out and tell it to the MILLIONS of in default homeowners who's house is about to be foreclosed upon because banks make more money booting you out and reselling the house at a lesser price and writing off the loss by NEVER having to pay taxes EVER again while the rest of us will be paying upwards till the cows come home. Aren't you glad I haven't been posting? And let's not forget the price of a barrel of oil, now around $82. But we have no Inflation problem riggggggght?

Continued Widespread Deflation in Japan
Bloomberg details:
Japan’s consumer prices fell for a 13th month in March, indicating the economy remains hampered by deflation even as the export-led recovery starts to spread.
Prices excluding fresh food slid 1.2 percent from a year earlier, after dropping 1.2 percent in February, the statistics bureau said today in Tokyo. The result matched the median estimate of 28 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News.

*until we see real deflation by way of restructuring ALL of our debt, we are Ffffffed! Have a nice day....Tradebum

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  1. I think the majority of Americans are now tuning Mr. Obama out- I know i am. Most of us have seen his "show" for a year & a half now, & pretty much ahve figured out that a) he is by & large a socialist & b) he is not as sharp as some thought. Plus, he's surrounded himslef w/ a squad of incompetents & crooks.



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